Clay Aiken Shares Thoughts About Prince

Thursday started out with a friendly tweet from Clay Aiken.  The picture was a beautiful way to start the day:

How did I JUST figure out that you can actually take pictures directly from the app??…

But the day changed and it became a sad day in the field of music. The musician Prince passed away at the age of 57.   He is known for huge hits like Purple Rain and When Doves Cry.

Clay was on MSNBC to speak about Prince.  Clay spoke with Brian Williams about how Prince showed fairness and was filled with social conscience.  He actually wrote a song last year for Freddie Gray.

Clay also spoke about Warner Bros. and their relationship with Prince.  Prince felt that the record label was not treating him correctly and helped other musicians to get a better deal.

The following is a video of Clay on MSNBC

In the evening, Clay made his way over to Fox Business News. He chatted with Kennedy who is a host on Fox Business News.  Again, he spoke about Prince and how he influenced the world of music.

 The following screen caps are from the show (Thank you, lindylo).

Clay had a busy day and was an excellent person to talk about Prince and his social awareness.

 Perhaps we will hear more from Clay today.

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Shares Thoughts About Prince

  1. The first time I saw Clay on tour (with Kelly Clarkson) he sang a Prince song. I believe it was "When Doves Cry". Does anyone else remember that? How sad to die at such a young age.

  2. hi emily i remember when clay sang the prince song when doves cry what a tragity to lose some one so incredable so talented rip prince

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