Clay Aiken – Time Of My Life

On Thursday, Clay Aiken left a lovely message on his Facebook page:

You know what? It’s taken me 14 years to realize it… I DID WIN! No final 2 from ‪#‎AmericanIdol‬ ever became nor stayed as close as my winner and I. @realrubenstuddard has been more than a co-worker & more than a friend… he’s been a true brother. No ‪#‎idol‬ finalist have ever won in the way we have. Never mind the albums and tours. Never mind the platform and exposure. American Idol gave me one of my greatest friends ever. And for that, I am truly grateful. ‪#‎idolfinale‬ ‪#‎idolfarewell‬ ‪#‎losangeles‬ ‪#‎dolbytheatre‬


I thought the following video by Sue Rue says a lot about friendship!!

 “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together.

As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.”


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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Time Of My Life

  1. Clay is always there for his friends! Ruben and Clay's tour back in 2010 reflects their love for each other! Never tired of watching those videos!

  2. Oh Martha, that was beautiful! Thanks SueRue! We all KNEW he won too, but now it's plain to see he won in many ways! I know he enjoyed seeing Ruben and the rest of season 2 plus many more that night. What a great experience!

  3. Wonderful blog, Martha, and great video by Sue! What fun memories and it's nice to hear Clay finally saying he did win! His #2 places were always #1 to us, and for the same reason. We've met so many new friends and formed lasting friendships over the years, visited places we never would have gone, and seen Clay's friendship with Ruben remain strong. It was so nice to see them reunite at the finale and have so much fun!

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