Clay Aiken – Having A Great Time!

It was fun on Thursday when there was a tweet posted about Clay Aiken:

America Now Radio Verified account 

Are you ready for the return of @clayaiken ?? HAPPENING TONIGHT – tune in for hour 2!

America Now is the radio show that is hosted by Meghan McCain.  Clay and Meghan have been friends for a few years and Clay has been on her show a few times.

Clay and Meghan chat most of the time about politics. They do seem to have a good time together. They certainly don’t agree politically, but they respect each other enough to listen and not get mad!!

On Thursday’s show, they talked a lot about Donald Trump.  Although Meghan is a Republican, she has said many times that she will never vote for Donald Trump.  They both agreed that Trump would not be their choice for President.

I enjoyed listening to Meghan and Clay talk.  They are both intelligent people who have definite ideas and they have a lot to say!

When Clay’s part of the show was over, Meghan sent the following tweet and picture:


So fun having my old friend @clayaiken on @americanowradio tonight to talk #2016!

I hope that Clay visits with Meghan often.  It is always something fun to listen to.

If you missed hearing the show, you can hear it HERE …Remember that Clay is on in the 2nd half of the show. “Patience”!!


New chose 15 pictures to feature from the Paramour Red Carpet on Wednesday.  It was great to see they chose a picture of Clay!  It sure looks like he was having a great time.

Clay Aiken at the opening night for ‘Cirque du Soleil – Paramour’ on Broadway (Photo: Amy Sapp for

You can see the entire group of 15 pictures at NEWYORK.COM


Clay ended the day with a puzzle…He asked the following on Twitter:

Who can tell me what these numbers have in common? 13, 14, 15, 16, 79, 80

OK…..who can figure it out?  Is it trick because it is so simple, or is it a really difficult problem that makes us all feel crazy???

If you have an answer, you can send your answer to Clay on his twitter page!!


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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Having A Great Time!

  1. Love Clay and the outfit, looking sharp! The radio interview was great, one can tell Meghan and Clay are good friends!
    Thanks CANN!

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