Clay Aiken – Celebrate Friendships


Please get out your calendar!

Put a big, red circle around July 20th, 2016

This is the day you can help support the National Inclusion Project

and it won’t even cost you a penny!!


On Wednesday, July 20, The National Inclusion Project is having a giant party to celebrate friendship! All day long, we can share what “friendship is” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #friendshipis. We can post photos and videos to share with the world how much we love our friends. Just remember to use that hashtag so we can see it!  Now, doesn’t that sound fun??

Nick, Clay, and Jerome – Good Friends!!

Besides the fun of the party, this celebration is an awareness campaign.  Everyone is included and it is a great way to draw attention and support for The National Inclusion Project.  The more people who participate, the more name recognition will be spread.  If we plan ahead, maybe we can even get #friendshipis to trend!

Why #friendshipis??  The National Inclusion website says it best:

At the National Inclusion Project, we believe that ALL children, regardless of ability, should be able to share the same experiences, together. Inclusion means that:

  • ALL children can make a friend.

  • ALL children can participate.

  • ALL children can succeed.

Making friends is often the fastest way for a child to be included. With friends, we have a companion who is there with us to play, grow and learn. Sometimes for children with disabilities it is hard for them to make friends quickly. By not being included in play activities, everyone misses out – both children with disabilities and typically developing children. The National Inclusion Project has created a model that builds inclusive play for all children, so no one sits on the sidelines.

Clay and Quiana!!


So…how can we all participate?

Anyone who has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account can participate.  It doesn’t even matter where you live.  This is a perfect time for our readers from the Philippines to South Africa or Great Britain to Brazil to support The National Inclusion Project and Clay Aiken!  If you have a social media account, everyone is included and it doesn’t cost a cent!!  It just takes a few minutes of your time.

So…what should you do…

  1. Commit to participating on July 20th
  2. Fill out the form to join ThunderClap – it’s a great way for your messages to count.
  3. See if you can get friends to join you on July 20th.  Why not ask those friends who are not following the National Inclusion Project but support friendship!
  4. Have fun posting on July 20th. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #friendshipis !   Friendship is easy to talk about.

So…head over to the National Inclusion Project website – This is the LINK  

They have all the details.  They even have some posts for you to borrow.  AND…if you have any questions, ask away.  You can ask at The National Inclusion Project website or here.  I am sure we all will help everyone who wants to participate.

Clay with Keala Settle

Here, at CANN, we have over 500 people who receive our e-mail blog and about 200 to 300 more visitors most days.  We could make a big difference.

What a great idea

…everyone is included

…it will be a great celebration of friendship

…and we are helping a wonderful organization!!





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  1. It's no wonder that Clay has so many friends throughout the world! Thanks for the article and for the pictures! I'm trying to compose my view of friendship and post it on the website.

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