Clay Aiken – An Exciting Time!!

Thursday, September 1st, ended up being a very exciting day!  The National Inclusion Project announced some exciting news about the up-coming Champions Gala.  Titled All In Perfect Harmony Champions Gala, the event is being held in Charlotte, NC on October 21-22.

On Thursday, we learned about some of the exciting ways we can raise money for the Project.  The following announcement was made on Facebook:

This year we’re bringing the Live Auction of Clay Experiences back to the Champions Gala stage! We’ve got more items, so more bidders can be involved AND it’s happening at the main event where everyone can be part of the fun!

Available experiences:

Game Night with Clay for 10

Dinner at Faye’s with Clay, Faye and Nick for 5

Let’s ALL Play Experience with Clay, Gary and Nick for 2

Date Night with Clay for 1 very lucky person

Click here to learn all the details…
We’ll bring the professional auctioneer and you bring your bidding arm and join us on Oct 22nd in Charlotte All In Perfect Harmony!

Look carefully!  Each event looks like so much fun!

And each event should help send kids to camp!!

A big thank you to Faye, Nick, Gary, and especially Clay for helping raise funds for The National Inclusion Project!

So…Start talking with your friends to put together a group to bid for one of these exciting events!

And…remember your donation is tax deductible!!

We have more exciting days in September as the National Inclusion Project will be announcing amazing updates and news throughout the month of September!  I am so glad they started on September 1st.


I am looking forward to the All In Perfect Harmony Champions Gala. Just think of all this organization has accomplished in just a few years!

For more information about tickets, ads, or even corporate sponsorship, visit the National Inclusion Project website. Everything you need to know is right there!


Every time I attend a Champions Gala, I return home with a renewed passion to do whatever I can to support The National Inclusion Project.  The program is always uplifting and full of hope.The following are some pictures from earlier Galas!


Silent auction

In The Lobby

Speaking Out

The Founders!

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Gala this year!
 I think it is going to be the best Gala yet!! 


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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Exciting Time!!

  1. This project of inclusion is an extraordinary cause! Thanks for posting the pictures and the bids are exciting!

  2. this project of inclusion is a incredable and extrodanary cause thanks so much for poasting the pics and the bids are amazing

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