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This morning, Clay Aiken was a featured guest on The View.  He reported on his visit to a Trump Rally last week in Wilkes Barre.

Clay did an excellent job of reaching out to the Trump voters.  He listened, he didn’t demean any of their answers and he kept control of the conversation.


From The View

His live conversation with the members of The View panel was great.  The information he shared was important for all to hear.  He proved that you can disagree with people but still be kind.

Thank you, Clay for an excellent segment on the show!

The following are some screen caps of the show:





The View has put up a YouTube of parts of the show.   Be sure and leave a comment about Clay on the show!!


So…Did you watch?

What did you think?

Did you comment at The View?


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  1. This was my favorite of Clay on "The View" ! He did an excellent job with the professionalism of interviewing the Trump supporters and the conversation with the ladies of the show! Bravo, Clay!

  2. Yes I watched and was not disappointed. Clay as usual did a great job. I am so happy to see The View giving him a chance to cover such important events. He is so good at interviewing. I hope they continue to send him to more event like this.

  3. He was so articulate and it was a wonderful conversation! Go Clay!!! Loved the show and he looked mighty handsome!!

  4. Clay is always at the top of his game. He never stumbles over what word to use or how to explain things. A real professional who should be called on more often by the media.

  5. Clay did an excellent job on The View. Thank you for posting this right after it was on so we can see it in one place.

  6. clay aiken sure indeed do a exelent job on the view brovo clay he was verry articulsate and i have to say it was a wonderful interesating and educatianal clay is indeed top of his game

  7. Clay’s looking good! Glad he’s getting out there and doing some good. I look forward to seeing more!

  8. I hope The View has Clay do a lot more of these kind of show segments. He is so good at it. I love that he makes people feel that he really cares.

    Thanks for the pictures and info.

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