Clay Aiken – A Hard Topic To Discuss


It’s Monday, October 17th 

It’s the day to watch Clay Aiken on The View


Today, Clay will report on his experiences at a Trump Rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.   He was there to put together a segment for The View… about the voters who follow Donald Trump.  He was at the rally for many hours and had the opportunity to chat with many of the Trump supporters.

When talking  to Michele Angermiller at Billboard, Clay said:

The goal was to try and understand why people like Trump without pushing back — without debating, without arguing, but genuinely trying to get them to explain what it is about him that they gravitate towards, and why they are so adamantly in support of him, why so many of them knew they loved him and wanted to vote for him on day one, without having heard him campaign in any way. And I didn’t argue with them or even question any of their views. I didn’t push back; it was simply a chance to get people’s opinions.

Clay also said that he was worried that he might not get people to talk to him. He told Michele:

And I thought “Well hell, I’m a gay man who I think many people recognize as a liberal, and I’m going with a producer who’s a Muslim — we are not going to be so welcomed here.”

Today, on The View, Clay will talk about how the Trump voters were open to Clay’s questions and how many spent time to talk to him in a reasonable way.  Clay will also talk about what he feels are the reasons why Trump is popular with some voters.


I am sure the segment will end with a exciting discussion with all the panel.  The topic is hard to discuss without getting emotional.

I am so glad that Clay was asked to put together this interesting segment.  He seems like the right person to present the show.  Clay is a good listener and always tries to see both sides of a problem.  He has the ability to make people feel important and tries not to argue about their opinions.


Will you be watching The View this morning?

I will be watching and I plan on letting The View know that I enjoy watching segments on such important topics.

Check your TV Guide  for the time of the show in your area.

And check in later for any important links or reviews.  I will post them as soon as I can!


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  1. Unfortunately, I have to work today! Hoping to catch him on my break, if not someone will post the interview! From what I hear, Clay had a dispute with an over-zealous person who was continuously harassing Clay to no-end! I saw the video and witnessed Clay's reaction with colorful words; can you blame the guy!

  2. I will be watching Clay on The View, he's always interesting to listen to, thanks Musicfan for all the info you give us, we truly appreciate it.

  3. I watched the View this morning to see Clay. I’m glad I didn’t blink. They allowed him such a small amount of time. Anyway, he did a spectacular job on the assignment with special insite about Trump due to previous experience on the Apprentice. I couldn’t help noticing that he was especially handsome this morning. Or was it just me? Great job Clay! I saw the segment where some reporter gave him a hard time but I can’t find it back. Unconditional love for Clay❤️

  4. I watched the View and was prepared to record Clay's portion of the show. I had to wait such a long time (1/2 hr) before the segment aired. Clay looked good and, as usual, was clear, honest and open in his remarks to the panel and audience.

  5. Poor Clay! The people making comments about the View & Willes Barre rally took this as an invitation to vent themselves on Clay – like he was personally responsible for everything they objected to about the demo party. I’m very sorry you had to be blasted with their anger. I wrote a very nice comment myself. I hope you enjoyed it. ❤️ Unconditional love for you Clay. ( it was either Facebook or Instagram )

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