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Friday, October 7th, seemed to be a busy day for Clay Aiken.  He started and ended the day by being on exciting talk shows!

Clay was co-anchor on Bold Blend’s second episode that was shown live at 8:30am EST!

Carrie Sheffield and Clay led discussions about, ObamaCare – the good and the bad, Latino involvement in the upcoming election, and  Donald Trump and his newest ad featuring Ivanka Trump.  They also had a guest that talked about how important it is to make changes in your home to make your life a bit easier and stress-free.

The Bold website has not listed the guests for next week, but they did announce that the next live episode of Bold Blend will be on Friday, October 14 at 8:30 a.m. EST.

The following pictures and screen caps cover the show and backstage fun too. (Thanks lindylo for the screen caps).






On Friday afternoon, the Washington Post  published a clip of Donald Trump who bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women.  When news of this tape was made public, Clay posted a few tweets. One stood out:

Oh you KNOW I gotta go back into tonight! I MUST discuss with ! Live at 7pm!

Yes…Clay joined Meghan McCain again on AmericaNow Radio.  This is two days in a row.  Both Meghan and Clay were shocked and saddened that Trump had spoken in such a crass way.  They chatted for over an hour about how this might influence the election.

The show can be seen in re-play any time.  You can see it at  AMERICANOW

Do you think the latest tape of Donald Trump will have an influence on the election?

Have a great Saturday and stay away from Hurricane Matthew!!

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  1. Clay seems so happy doing his new broadcast " Bold Blend" and interviews with Meghan McCain! Enjoy the discussions!

  2. What do I think about TRUMP’s latest “fo-pa”? – get serious! I have heard worse than that in a girl’s locker room! Don’t be woosies. Remember-it was not meant for your ears! Still & always-day 1 fan w/unconditional love for Clay!!!

  3. Was that Ivanka Trump’s Archive thing there the first time I read this post??? Maybe I’m not too observant. Anyway, I voted for your daddy Ivanka but if Clay had been running I might have voted for him – it’s the unconditional love ❤ from day 1 thing! I don’t think you can convert him. He’s a pretty hardcore demo but I wouldn’t mind if you tried.

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