Clay Aiken – Sometimes We Just Need A Good Laugh

Sometimes we just need a good laugh and who better to entertain us but Clay Aiken. Yes, he sings like an angel, is very knowledgable, and is a handsome man…….but today we will be entertained by one of the funniest persons around.

Enjoy!! We all need to take a deep breath and just laugh!!

Well, I laughed!  I hope you did too!


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Sometimes We Just Need A Good Laugh

  1. When Clay sang that medley of songs at the concert, the place went wild. I realized how much TV I didn't watch at that time, because I didn't know the lyrics to those shows songs. This was a good, fun way to start the day. Thanks.

  2. Who’d have thought that Clay could be so funny. I recently viewed the puppet show from the Apprentice and loved the impromptu comedy. My favorite YouTube videos I think are the ones interacting with the audiences. As funny as any stand up comic I know of. And he always enjoyed it so much. I loved the dancing in today’s post-he can really cut loose. Makes me think of some Idol remarks where they thought he should dance more. I hope Clay gets to cut loose with dance or being funny sometimes in these serious times. ❤ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. Thanks for the comedy!

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