Clay Aiken – “They Just Talked!”


I yam what I yam!
~Popeye The Sailor

Wednesday morning started with this message from BOLD:

Welcome to 2017! What can we expect in the new year? Discuss with Carrie Sheffield and Clay Aiken.

Yes…Wednesday was Bold Day…the first show in the New Year!
It was great to see Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield talk in a casual setting.  They just talked…no planned dialogue.  To me, this was the best show so far.  They picked tweets coming into the show and tried to answer and chat about the topics the audience was interested in.
The conversations between Carrie and Clay were lively, and even with Clay’s bad cold, they smiled and joked, even when they disagreed!
The show will return to its regular schedule on Friday, January 13th – YIKES!  Friday the 13th!!
So…Clay…I bet you aren’t feeling great with that wicked cold you seem to have.  I checked with  They have 8 suggestions to help!
1.   Stay Rested
2.  Gargle
3.  Drink Hot Liquids
4.  Blow Your Nose Often
5.  Take a Steamy Shower
6.  Sleep With an Extra Pillow Under Your Head
7.  Wash your hands often
8.  Don’t Fly Unless Necessary
I hope these suggestions will help you feel better soon!!
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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “They Just Talked!”

  1. The show was very exciting with Clay and Carrie going back and forth with their comments! Clay's cold didn't stop him from making his point clear! He is a trooper!
    I am a loyal fan of CANN! You are my routine every morning with my cup of coffee and bagel.

  2. Bold was great Wednesday.
    So Clay and his cold flew to Iowa today where the windchill is – 20°F. Hope he brought his long johns!

  3. Why is Clay in Iowa? I missed that! I had no idea I wasn't following CANN on Facebook! Imagine my shock when I clicked on your link and saw I hadn't LIKED it yet! Everybody needs to check that they are liking this on Facebook! Yahoo! Let;s get it up to 4000 followers!!!!

  4. I’m not sure about the Facebook thing. To get the CANN posts I always click on the email icon on the screen of icons & it takes me to all of the emails where I scroll down to CANN & open it. Where do I enter a CANN search on Facebook? Is this easier or better? I clicked on the CANNFACEBOOK & there’s lots of different places to go. It took me awhile to wind my way out of there. I’m not very computer savvy-what should I do. I always want to support CANN &Clay anyway I can. Help! The CANNFACEBOOK is not always available is it?

    • I hope you will continue to read at CANN. If you get it through e-mail, thats great. The Facebook page is CANN's Facebook. It is always there. When you click on the link for the Facebook page, you will see some pictures of Clay..and the page is in 3 columns. Just scroll down to see what we have there. And, if you can't get it to work, it's OK. I appreciate you trying.

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