Clay Aiken – Amazing Entertaining Skills

It was Monday, February 15, 2004 and the crowd was growing at the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, California. The shopping complex was filled to the brim and the usual traffic flow was at a stand-still. All of this excitement was because two young singers were about to take the stage and show off their wonderful singing talent and amazing entertaining skills.

Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson joined Ryan Seacrest on his short-lived show, On Air. It was a week before the two performers started out on their Independent Tour. The concert was short, but the huge crowd was lucky to be able to watch the entire sound-check before the concert started.

Before the concert, Ryan chatted with both Kelly and Clay about their up-coming tour.  The crowd inside the studio was filled with enthusiastic fans who enjoyed the fun conversation.

Clay performed his hit, The Way and the crowd showed their support with lots of applause, cheering and many creative, printed signs.

Even if you have seen this show before, the videos below are a great way to remember this exciting appearance.

Did you watch this appearance on TV?


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Amazing Entertaining Skills

  1. May I commend CANN for bringing us such wonderful Claymemories to us each and every day! This one with Clay and Kelly was truly a delight! Love the interview and videos!

  2. No, I was in the audience!! A couple rows behind and to the right of dark-haired gal in the Bubel-Aiken jersey the camera pans on for a sec – we were in the same fan group in LA/OC. Odd you found this for us now, lately I’ve been thinking of that show…. If you look at the audience shots, you can see a railing, it was along an aisleway that guests came through from the “green room” to where Ryan is. Clay came out first, alone – and the screams were so loud and long they created a sonic sound affect; a high whistle formed against the celing and zipped across the room. It was mind-boggling! And nearly deafened me!! lol

  3. Love all those memories with Clay, never get tired of listening to him and love his voice! Thanks for pics and videos Musicfan!

  4. I was still working when Clay & Kelly appeared on Ryan's show so I didn't get to see it live. I'm so grateful to CANN for posting memories each day. I noticed that Angie, Jacob and Quiana were with Clay from the very first tour. Hope they are all doing well and are still busy sharing their music with the world.

  5. i just love all the memories with clay and i nevedr ever get tired this one with clay and kelly was indeed a delight on ryan seac rest on air

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