What Special Memories for Clay Aiken

Are you a fan of basketball?  I am an avid fan and it seems that Clay Aiken enjoys basketball too…especially if North Carolina is in the running!!

On Sunday, Clay tweeted at least 6 times about the Elite 8 becoming the Final 4!

One of the best tweets was Clay’s message of congratulations to South Carolina(The Gamecocks)  for beating Florida and reaching the Final 4.

WOW! Congrats Could we get a vs final & FINALLY settle which is the better ? BTW it’s NC😉

Clay started tweeting more when NCU was playing the game.  Playing Kentucky, the Tar Heels had to work hard and it was a tight game!!  Clay tweeted:


But, NCU finally won!!

April 1st, the 4 teams will play in Phoenix, Arizona.  #1 Gonzaga vs. #7 South Carolina is first and a few minutes later, North Carolina will play Oregon.  The final game will be on Monday, April 3rd.

I hope Clay keeps his blood pressure in control and has fun watching the games!!!


Clay has been at many sports events.  Sometimes he has sung the National Anthem and other times, he has just been recognized by the event.  Do you remember these times?

First Game of The World Series!

National Anthem at “Canes” game in North Carolina

National Anthem at Nascar Race

Bulls Game in Raleigh

NHL All Star Game- National Anthem

Clay started the game with the siren – Canes Opening Game!!!

How fun to see these special events.  I am sure there are many other sporting events that Clay has participated in…but this is pretty good!!

What special memories for Clay!!!

Do you follow any sports?

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3 thoughts on “What Special Memories for Clay Aiken

  1. My phone has been tweeting all day long yesterday! Hope his blood pressure had come down with his state in the Final Four! Thank you for all the photos!

  2. I didn’t realize that Clay had sung the national anthem so many times. That’s not an easy song to sing either. I wonder if any of his friends are sports fans also so that they can watch some of the games together. I’m not much on sports myself. I used to watch football with my husband but that’s about it. Those are some great pictures of Clay. I’m glad he is enjoying the games so much. You too musicfan. Great post. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay.

  3. I followed Xavier in the playoffs this year. My son graduated from X and played trumpet in the pep band at the games. I follow Ohio State Univ. football since I worked there many years ago. You can't live in central OH and not root for the Buckeyes! I was always impressed by how well Clay sang the National Anthem. Not an easy song to sing especially when the jets are flying overhead.

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