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On Tuesday morning, I listened to Clay Aiken on the radio show, Wake Up With Taylor.  I have to admit, I didn’t hear it live.  I live on the west coast and as much as I always enjoy hearing Clay, waking up at 4 in the morning isn’t going to happen for me!  I am just so glad that SiriusXM has replays!!

Clay has been a semi-regular on the show with Taylor Strecker for about a year.  He is usually there every other Tuesday morning. I found the show on Tuesday to be very interesting.  I wasn’t alone….twitter was busy with comments about the conversations between Clay and Taylor.

The following are some of the tidbits from the show:

  1. Clay doesn’t have a TV.  He watches everything on-line.
  2. Concerned that Bill Cosby is doing “town halls” – who thought that was a good idea?
  3. Parker’s first tooth fairy visit -he has a very generous tooth fairy!
  4. Chris Jenner was upset because her kids spent Father’s Day with Caitlyn (their dad growing up).  More discussion about how important it is for parents to get along in front of their kids.

Relationships were a big part of the show.  Clay talked about two people he was close to and how he had a “fight” with one and the other two are still good friends.  Later, Clay told the story about his relationship with Kimberly Locke.  About 10 years ago they had a rather difficult and public misunderstanding.  Clay is still troubled that Kim is still very angry.  She even gave him the “cold shoulder” when he tried to talk to her at last years American Idol Finale. He wrote a beautiful apology that Kim has ignored.  Clay read the letter on air and Taylor was in tears…(I’m sure she wasn’t alone).  Taylor said: “When people show you who they are, believe them”.

I wish you could have heard the conversation.  It was very touching.  Obviously, Clay still misses his friend.

If you have any way that you can hear this radio show, please listen.  It was excellent.

Wish I had some pictures of Clay and Taylor…but that’s hard when it radio!!


No pictures of the radio show so how about some fun pictures from the past?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – On Air!

  1. Reality check, yes there are people who do not share the same love for OMC! I hope Kimberly looks deep down in her heart and be forgiving! Clay misses you! Thank you, CANN for sharing the words and pictures!

  2. I listened to the radio show and found it VERY interesting too! I sure hope this all comes to light for Kim Locke. She should feel differently about the whole thing once she gets wind of it. Hope so cos Clay really has warm feelings about her since they lived together for a whole year and he totally came out to her during that time. She was the first person ever! We can only hope!

  3. I don't subscribe to Sirius so am not able to listen when Clay is on with Taylor. Thanks for the posts about the show. Wow, Parker will be 9 soon so the tooth fairy will be busy leaving $$ for teeth under his pillow.

  4. This tooth fairy is not up on things. You’re supposed to get cash or presents for each tooth you put under the pillow. (Yours only) sounds like Clay is a great asset to the wake up with Taylor show. Thanks for all the info and pix musicfan. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. God bless America.

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