Clay Aiken – An Amazing Week-end!

Politicon – Day Two!

Hello from the Burbank Airport!  This small airport is only 14 miles from Pasadena, California!

Politicon was amazing.  There was so much to see and hear.  I saw 4 or 5 events on Sunday and enjoyed each one.  There were over 10,000 people there and the lines were long…but it was fun seeing so many people that you recognized from TV and other events.  Each celebrity seemed to stop and allow “selfies” and autographs!

This blog will be short.  Time is flying and I have a flight to catch.  So…enjoy these pictures!! Many thanks to those who found these pictures and shared with us!!

The beginning of the College Debate…Clay was the moderator! Thank you, SueReu for the picture.

Congrats to the winner of the debate!



I do know that Getty many pictures of Clay from the event…Unfortunately, I cannot post those pictures on a public board.  But…you might see them if you look at Getty Pictures.

Have a wonderful Monday…

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Amazing Week-end!

  1. Thank you all for the great pictures! That angry look on Clay's face is priceless! I hope they cut his opponent's mic off.

  2. Thanks for the posts and pictures! I love the expression on his face! He didn't look too happy! He doesn't tolerate fools, does he? lol

  3. thanks so much for the pictures oh no clays angry id be angry also if somone were to cut my micraphone off clay really does suits lighter hair and yes clay doest tolerate fools not that i can tell

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