Clay Aiken – His New Name Is Llewelyn

Well—–Did You Watch Clay Aiken Sunday Night?

Yes,  Clay was in the new movie, Sharknado 5.

Clay was Llewelyn, a tech genius who built special equipment for spies and lawmen!

Clay was in the first few minutes of the show.  He was great as he reminded most of the character, Q from the James Bond Movies!

Clay even spoke with a decent British Accent!


It was fun watching twitter.  Sharknado was trending almost all evening.  Clay Aiken even trended for a bit in the top 10!

The following are a few fun tweets about Clay in Sharknado:

OMG.. is in 5!!! Doesn’t get any better than that!! First few minutes in & lovin’ it!!!


Hey, you are a scene stealer in 🙂



There are hundreds of comments….it’s fun to read them!

The following are pictures that people were able to save from their screens.  A huge thank you to all who posted these so we can share.

Did you watch and what did you think?

I’d love to know if you thought it was fun!!


Just a quick note.

I will be spending a few days with my family at the beach in Southern California!

I will have my Chrome Book with me and will follow along.

That being said, my schedule will be on vacation so posts might be earlier or later than usual!

I hope you will check in!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – His New Name Is Llewelyn

  1. I was grinning ear to ear! Seeing Clay and I love the British Accent! Thank you, all for posting the pictures. Have a wonderful time in Southern California with your family!

  2. Have a nice vacation with family Martha, love all the pics you posted, watched the movie last night and Clay was great in it even if it was only a few minutes, seems like there's nothing he can't do. Thanks Martha.

  3. I'm so glad Clay was right at the beginning of the show. I was able to watch & record his appearance, but didn't have to watch the whole 2 hr. movie. He brought out his 'Spamalot' English accent again. Good job, Clay. Wish I were going to be laying on a beach in sunny Calif. this week. Rainy & cool here today. Have fun with you family.

  4. So much fun watching Clay last night! Now we know where the long-hair-on-the-top came from! I’m sure he had so much fun. The guy can do anything!!!

    Have fun with your family!

  5. OMG! It was so cool seeing Clay in the Sharknado 5 movie. I loved his scene. He can do anything. He loves a challenge I think. Thanks for sharing everyone’s stills. Have a good beach vacation. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. God bless America.

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