Clay Aiken – What’s New?

What’s New?  Well, the name Clay Aiken is out there a lot this past few weeks…

and I think it’s great!


Did you listen to Clay on the radio Tuesday morning?  Clay was co-hosting the radio show, Wake Up With Taylor.  It is always fun when Clay is on the show.  He and Taylor Strecker always seem to have fun.  Their conversations are always interesting and you just never know what they will say!  On Tuesday:

  • They are talking about coproducing a reality show. Clay would like to do one behind the scenes of a Broadway show.
  • Taylor and Clay talked about their worst jobs!
  • Talking about dating, kissing. and Tinder. What else do we need!!
  • Some of Clay’s family is in New York for a few days!!

And much more!!!   Be sure and listen the next time!!


It has been fun finding the many articles that include Clay in their topic.  In the last few days, I have seen and read over 10 articles.  Clay talked about Mr. Trump quite a bit at Politicon and the articles quote him a lot!

And then there are the fabulous pictures.  There are plenty out there. The Getty images are amazing and so are some from people who were just part of the audience.

Thank You SueReu!



The website, Civilized posted the following paragraph about Politicon.  They mention Clay and posted a picture of Clay in the middle of an interview.

Politicon is the foremost non-partisan political event of the season, and we were there to capture it all. 

Civilized’s publisher Derek Riedle was joined by VICELAND’s Krishna Andavolu, ex-Trump advisor Roger Stone, ACLU’s Kellen Russoniello, University of Florida’s Kevin Sabet, The Daily Show’s Roy Wood, Jr., and blogger Xeni Jardin on a live panel to discuss the politics of marijuana legalization and how it affects everyone from citizens to lawmakers to the economy. 

Civilized also had an exhibitor booth where plenty of celebrity faces stopped by for interviews, including Greg Proops (actor), Jacob Soboroff (MSNBC host), Touré (TV host, political reporter), Clay Aiken (singer, activist), Hasan Piker (from The Young Turks), Michael Steele (former Lt. Governor of Maryland), and more.

Take a photo tour of the weekend’s best moments, and check back for exclusive interviews, photos, and video content from this year’s Politicon. 


I wish I could share the professional pictures here.  They are pretty strict about posting the pictures in public places without buying them and they are very pricy.

Have a great a Wednesday!!

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  1. I wish I had Sirius! I would love to hear what they talk about. What did Clay say about dating, etc.? Curious!

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