Clay Aiken – Did You Watch?

Did you watch American Idol last night?

If so, did you enjoy it?

Who was your favorite singer?


Today, we are looking back 15 years!!  Oh,MY!!

Season II of American Idol was unique in many ways.  The season introduced the “wildcard”, a top 12, fabulous group performances, great contestant commercials, and an hour show in the middle of the season called “Halfway Home.”

“Halfway Home” was an hour long special hosted by Ryan Seacrest.  The judges stayed away and the entire show was a showcase of the remaining American Idol musicians.

Each contestant had their own segment.  There was a video montage, an interview with Ryan, and a performance of one of their favorite songs from the previous weeks.

The last contestant of the evening was Clay Aiken.  Again, the make-over was the first thing that Ryan brought up and showed in the video clips.   Clay said that the changes were just hair and glasses and he was the same young man.

After a discussion of what Clay was doing before American Idol, Ryan asked Clay if his life was going in the right direction.  Clay’s response was that he loved working with children with special needs and that is where his heart remains.  However, he had already learned how much influence celebrity brings to his projects.  Clay told us that he had learned that the YMCA and Autism Society in Raleigh had been receiving donations from fans all over the country.  He graciously thanked his fans and seemed amazed that this was happening.

Clay sang “Somewhere Out There” and it was an even better performance than the first time he sang it.  His performance seemed to light up the stage.

The following video shows how relaxed Clay was on this night and how extraordinary his voice was. It includes the  Interview & Performance of Somewhere Out There  from the Halfway Home Special, American Idol Season 2 (includes a portion of the interview that was not aired).

Thank you, SiouxRoux for the great video!

I loved the relaxed way Clay seemed to be this night!

No judges!!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Did You Watch?

  1. Thank you so very much for this video – I had never seen it and Clay is absolutely delightful on it. “Somewhere Out There” was done beautifully.

    American Idol is going to have to really reach far to find anyone like Clay – he is

    one of a kind and I can’t see anyone remotely close to his wonderful voice and

    sparkling personality. I did watch AI last night – I am reserving my opinion for now.

  2. Circumstances beyond my control, I missed American Idol! However, I do enjoy the pictures and video of this Claymemory! Thank you so much, for starting my Monday with OMC!

  3. I did watch last night. Saw about 2 I really thought were talented. Tonight we have a local boy audition. He's been on our local news and morning shows. Hope he's good, but he must have gone through since these are all taped ahead of time! I watch this show every year.

  4. I watched and enjoyed it very much. I think the judges play well off each other and are entertaining. New show but still retains flair from old show.

  5. I didn't plan to watch, but relented and tuned in. Watched the first 2 contestants, but I don't like the format this year. It is like the last few years of AI.. Too many back stories about each contestant. Not so much about their singing. When AI began back in the early 2000's you never knew much about each singer until later in the top 10. We voted for the talent not the life they led. Thanks SoiuxRoux for the video of Clay.

  6. Thanks so much for this video. That song always brings tears to my eyes, it has a very special meaning to me.

  7. I watched most if. Of what I've seen, I like Alyssa Raghu. Noah Davis was good, too. Every year that I've watched, made me nervous that someone would be as good as Clay. So far, it hasn't happened. That person doesn't exist!! There is only ONE Clay!!

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