Clay Aiken – A Song To Remember

Do you know the name Mark Eldridge? According to Wikipedia, he is a Grammy winning Guitarist, keyboardist and music producer…oh, yes…in the music field he goes by the name Kipper.

Kipper is best known for producing and performing on Sting’s biggest selling solo album Brand New Day as well as the platinum albums All This Time and Sacred Love.

When fans of Clay Aiken found out that Kipper would be the producer of Clay’s CD, On My Way Here, Kipper became one of the most popular hits on Google.

While talking to WRAL-TV, Kipper said:

We’ve captured some really great moments. I’m very optimistic we’re going to have a record where people will go, ‘Is that Clay? Is that Clay Aiken?'”

Besides producing On My Way Here, Kipper wrote one of the songs on the album. Kipper wrote the following about the song, “Everything I Don’t Need”, on his official web page:

“I have been very busy with an exciting variety of projects. I finished Clay Aikens album “On My Way Here” in April and we enjoyed huge success with the album peaking at No 4 in the US Billboard charts. I also wrote the song “You’re Everything I Don’t Need” with Judie Tzuke and James Morrison which is a stand out track on the album, check it out on iTunes.”

The following video is Everything I Don’t Need

Do you think this was a “stand-out” track on the album, On My Way Here?


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Song To Remember

  1. You bet it was a stand-out song – loved it! The whole album was terrific!
    We so need a new CD from Clay – it's so time!

  2. I love the "Well" and the growl in his voice! The audience was going wild! A Blues Song and Clay delivered!

  3. That has always been my favorite song on the album. Unlike anything else Clay usually sings. The audience really went wild for Everything I Don't Need.

  4. wow this song everything I don't need sure is a stand out song and we sure do indeed need a new cd from clay its time

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