Clay Aiken – Magic…Yes Magic!

Wednesday was a busy day.  Put that together with no news from Clay Aiken.

The problem… “What Am I Going To Write?”

How do I solve this?—A Trip to YouTube


Magic…Yes, Magic

Today, I am featuring a wonderful video…and yes, it is about magic… some is beautiful and some is puzzling, but it makes a wonderful few minutes!  I hope you will watch and  let us know what you think.  I have a feeling you will have something to say!

And on Friday…back to the wonderful, magical Clay Aiken!!

What do you think??

Oh…wait…You didn’t think I would leave Clay completely out of the blog did you??


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  1. It's hard to find something to post about when there's no news about Clay. Sometimes I write about things that Clay has done in the past, relate something in the news to Clay, or an idea will pop in my head. I'd been having writer's block for a bit.

  2. I always appreciate the daily post on CANN even when Clay can't be found. Today you blew my mind with this video. Amazing! Thanks for your commitment to keeping us informed and amazed.

  3. O.M.G.!!!! How in the world……… ????!!!!????

    Like everybody, I’m “gobsmacked” – and impressed with the man’s quiet presentation of such a stunning performance. WoW! (Plus – such a miraculous, adorable child! And wife!)

    Whew! It’s almost 3:00AM; woke bout an hour ago and thought I’d check news to put me back to sleep. The contents of this newsletter wouldn’t come through on Thursday but suddenly, when I opened my email to get rid of the spamalot that was all over my cell screen, there it was. So I came on over and watched the vid… and now I’m way too psyched to be sleepy, LOL!

    Thank you for an awesome, delightful, unforgettable experience!! (And cute Clay pics, too )

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