Clay Aiken Is A Fascinating Man!


Some people make the world more special just by being in it.

~ Kelly Ann Rothaus

Clay Aiken is a fascinating man. We are lucky that Clay has shared his wit and wisdom with many people.

His wonderful spirit, intelligence and talent, along with his gorgeous voice inspires, entertains and delights.

Whether it is a beautiful concert, or on Broadway,  a hockey game, or a fun radio show, or even putting together an important news segment for Bold, Clay gives us something special. It is easy to look forward to his appearances and performances. They are like gifts he has for us.

I came across the following video today and want to share it with you. It takes us back a long way to the Independent Tour. Do you remember the acoustic medley? This montage is a great way to see and hear Clay’s beautiful voice and his ability to entertain. I hope you will watch and enjoy it.

Why not take a moment and listen to a Clay Aiken song today!!

It’s a good way to enjoy Thursday!


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  1. Clay is definitely fascinating in many ways – and also an ultimate entertainer – he can do it all. I absolutely love the video you chose for today – Thank you! His voice, in song, is truly a gift from God! I so wish he would do a Christian album or an all inspirational album – actually, I would love any new music at all. It's been so long!

    Love all of the photos you have posted, too!

  2. Thank CANN for this beautiful video of Clay's acoustic performances His voice is so soothing
    and mesmerizing, I can't seem to go a day with him!

  3. This video takes us back to the very beginning of Clay's concert tours. He was so young and had no idea where it would lead him. I'm glad we were all there from the start of a great adventure. Stayed tuned to whatever may come next for Clay (and his fans).

  4. I dint know clay sang felds of gold sting use to sing that clays voice is such a amazing gift from god in song indeed id like clay to do a medley of broadway songs that he did on a cd from spamalot to drosey shaperone to my fav one joseph and the amazing teck nacolor none of that Christian music or hyms dream coat

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