Clay Aiken -Relax!!!

It has become a very busy, but fun time for me right now.  My grandkids are graduating on Thursday so we have a ceremony to attend and lots of fun parties!  Then, I am helping out at another school for 10 days.  Sometimes it’s just correct to help out when there is an emergency!

So…I need to relax when I am home…and I know how to relax!

Relaxing for me is enjoying a song sung by Clay Aiken or watching him make an entire audience laugh.  I hope you agree.

Today, I have posted two videos from the Los Angeles Greek Theater concert held in the summer of 2007.  This concert was special to me as I was there, sitting in the front row.  The entire concert was amazing.

So…………enjoy Clay singing Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word To Say and then enjoy a good laugh by watching The Best of SRHPT Banter from LA.  In this video, Clay goes into the audience to get his mom to sing!


What makes you relax?



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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken -Relax!!!

  1. SRHPT was such a fun Tour – was able to go to two shows – Columbus, Ohio and Sterling Hgts., Michigan. They were both great shows. To me Clay is more exciting than relaxing – even the slooooow songs!

  2. How lucky you were sitting in the first row at Clay's concert in LA! Thank you for the videos! I'm with you by relaxing and watching OMC on CANN and my YouTube channel!

  3. Enjoy your time with the grandkids and family. We love seeing the videos of Clay on tour. It brings back so many good memories.

  4. I really needed this it's been a really bad day. I want to say thank you for all these memories of Clay.

  5. I loved this tour because it was the first time I got to see Clay in concert and got to shake hands with him. It was a great summer as I had graduated college in May after going part time for several years. This brings back some fun memories.

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