Clay Aiken – Awaiting News!

Have the last 2 months gone by slowly for you?  Are you missing Clay Aiken?  If  you answer yes to these questions, you are not alone.  It seems that many of Clay’s fans are anxiously awaiting news about Clay.  Yes, Clay is taking the summer off, but…well, fans just miss him!

So –  all we can do is wait.  Clay needs his summer to relax and enjoy his family.  Hopefully, his break from public life will be over soon and we will hear from him in the near future.

When I want to relax, I enjoy listening and watching songs sung by Clay Aiken.  I also enjoy watching videos of Clay as he makes the entire audience laugh.  I hope you agree.

Nothing is better than “Live” Clay, but perhaps the following YouTubes will make you smile.


Are you smiling?

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Awaiting News!

  1. I am indeed smiling, thank you CANN every day for bringing Clay to my mornings! Love the songs and the hilarious banter!

  2. Really made me smile he is such a good entertainer, Good looking and fantastic singer. Thanks CANN!!!

  3. yes im smiling thanks very much can for bringing clay to my eveings hes such a wonderfull intertainer very handsome and amazing singer

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