Clay Aiken – “Music Is Pure Magic”


What is Music? Why am I so touched?

Why do I feel better after listening?

I love the following short essay about music by the talented Annie Lennox:

What is music? Music is pure magic. It is a wonderful gift to humanity. Music moves us, and soothes us. It stimulates. It makes us want to dance or sing. It makes us feel happy or sad, inspired or uplifted. It affects our mood in all kinds of infinite ways. It can be exquisitely subtle or wildly raucous: from lullaby, to a war cry for revolution.

Music also tells stories, breaks hearts, reduces us to tears, or seduces us into falling in love, over and over and over again. Music is a universal language. A human creation from a divine source… perhaps.

Music is a mystery, a code. A vehicle of spirit and soul. It is perceived through ‘hearing’ the vibration of sound, the most sublime resonance – from the eardrum to the brain. Music moves us beyond intellect to the heart-centre… ~ Annie Lennox

Do you have a Clay Aiken song that you listen to more than others?

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Music Is Pure Magic”

  1. Loved the essay by Annie Lennox – she got it all so right but to complete the "magic" it has to be Clay singing it! I play so many of Clay's songs over and over – can't pick just one!

    Happy you are back from your trip safe and sound!

  2. "Something About Us" is at the top of my list of Clay's songs. Brings back memories of
    my husband and I went we were first dating! Thank you, CANN!

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