Clay Aiken – It Was Awesome!

What a celebration there was last week-end!

 Every bit of the 15th Anniversary Celebration was Awesome!!

There is so much that happened that I am finding it hard to write about the exciting week-end!  So…I will share what I can!  I wish every one of you could have been at this event!  So, here is my list of amazing happenings!

  1.  Meeting so many friends…yes, they are friends even if we see each other for the first time or once a year!  Thank you to so many of you that came up and introduced yourself to me.  You all were so kind!

Friends together at the Pre-party at Marbles!

2.  Saturday started out at the Gold/Platinum Appreciation Lunch at Pizza La Stella

The restaurant was filled with NIP supporters!

3.  At 6:15pm on Saturday – the Founder’s Champagne Reception

Musicfan and SueReu!!


The Champions Gala…no pictures allowed, but wow, what memories.

I loved seeing the dance by Kevin Iannucci.  Besides his dance, Kevin was excited to meet Clay!

Daniel Svoboda was presented with The Foundation Award.

Congrats to Kim Sugino (dancermom2) and Brittany Ellis for receiving the Founder’s Award

OK…OK…Now about Clay.

He was in the blue shirt, gray pants, and shoes with pink shoe lashes.  He said he was glad he could fit in the outfit after 15 years!

He started the program with Kyrie…just like he did on tour!

Clay surrounded himself with 4 amazing musicians who really made the performance wonderful.

It was a fabulous concert and Clay continues to be an amazing singer and performer.  His singing was amazing and his sense of humor reached all of us.

It was announced both in the program and at the beginning of the show that NO taping, recording, or pictures were allowed.

It was so fun to see Jerome there, keeping an eye on Clay.  He is an amazing man!

The biggest laugh of the evening was when Ethel joined Clay on the stage as he sang When Doves Cry!  What a fun moment!


SueReu brought her camera along and shared this wonderful picture montage from the Pre-Party!

I look forward to hearing from Clay soon.

 I feel sure he has something exciting in his future!


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It Was Awesome!

  1. Finally a chance to stop by here – still exhausted from the full weekend. We traveled all day Thursday. Martha covered it all so well and it was such a joy to see and talk to her. The Pre- party was amazing. It was a true "party" – meeting old and new friends. The buffet was varied and delicious! They had a photo booth with props and I think every single person made use of it – it was loads of fun! The hugs, smiles and love shared in that room was a total Joy. Of course, Clay showed up to the delight of everyone! Gala Night was just amazing! Getting to hear Clay sing and entertain was the big highlight – also all of the news about NIP and the awards given were also at the top of the list! I am so grateful to have been there and spend time with so many wonderful friends – old and new! Loved seeing Jerome look so healthy and happy! Ethel made us laugh as she joined Clay and the band on stage while Clay did "When Doves Cry" – simply hilarious! Have to end it here – still need more rest after such a full and fun 4 days. All day trip home on Sunday – everything was so fantastic! Oh! we did get the "shirt tug" during "Invisible" – place went wild!

    Thanks to you ALL – especially Clay, Diane, and all of the NIP organization that worked so hard for this wonderful celebration!

  2. Even though I couldn't be there, my heart was with you all! I want to thank my special Clayfriends who shared pictures and videos of Pre-Gala events. And a special thank you to CANN for sharing the many memories of OMC!

  3. Shirt tug and Ethel a added bonus to the night. Meeting old friends and making new ones, it was a night to remember, Clay is still the wonderful man that we all feel in love with 15 years ago. National Inclusion Project knows how to put a party on!

  4. wow that gala must have been amazing and im glad to know that clay is still the amazing singer and a wonderfull man that we all fell in love with 15 years ago wow the shirt tug and oh my goodness ethil was on stage with clay omg oh my lord when he sang when doves cry I would have loved to see that wow

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