Clay Aiken – Just Be Happy

You could tell me tonight
that maybe the world would end
that the sun wouldn’t rise
and it was gonna rain again
just as long as she’s in my arms
it’s gonna be a perfect day
it’s gonna be a perfect day!


Tell us what makes your Perfect Day. What’s your idea of perfection?

Is it a boat ride around Paris, a day at the beach on Hawaii, a day helping students for The National Inclusion Project, or, like me, a day at home with your family?

I hope you will share your dreams with us.

Dream big or dream small about that perfect day. But dream!!!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Just Be Happy

  1. I really had a perfect day – pre-party at the 2017 Gala. Had a surprise "conversation" with
    the "Man" himself – yes, Clay and while we spoke my granddaughter snapped several
    photos and whenever I need to dream I pull out those photos and remember my perfect day!
    It wasn't a dream at all – it was real!

    Of course spending time with my family is a perfect Day also!

  2. Part of my perfect day is to read news from CANN. Thank you. Keep up all the good work that you do. I hope everyone including Clay has a good day everyday.

  3. My perfect day is spending a lovely but not too hot summers day working in my garden. I never tire of watching plants grow & transform into beautiful flowers. I’m Blessed.

  4. my perfect day is writing this poem for clay your soul is like a diamond shining bright the depth I can see when darkness comes your soul shines bright so all the world can see you will always be a shining star for all the world to see shine on clay shine on

  5. now my perfict day is to also read news from cann thanks so much please do keep up the amazing work that you have been doing I also hope everyone including clay has a wonderfull day every day

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