Cooking With Clay Aiken

On October 6, 2006, Clay Aiken and his dear Granny Aiken were guests of the daytime talk show, The Martha Stewart Show.  

Clay was there to promote his album, A Thousand Different Ways.

Clay and Martha chatted a bit about Clay’s food allergies.  He explained that even if he touched the hand of someone who had touched a nut, he would get an immediate welt on the spot.

Martha asked Clay if he cooked much.  Clay laughed and said never!!

After the break, Clay introduced his beautiful Granny Aiken.  She was there to cook one of Clay’s favorite dishes, a Hot Pineapple Salad.  Clay helped a bit and it was obvious that he was proud of his Granny.

When the show was over, Clay had an interview with the internet site, TV Fanatic.  They quoted Clay:

…I know the recipe sounds weird and even Martha seemed little worried about making it, but that stuff is so good…I love that recipe.  We always have it for the holidays and family get-togethers…

Towards the end of the show, Clay and his band performed the song, A Thousand Days.

There are three You Tubes of this program.  I hope you will watch and  enjoy the show.

Have you ever had any of Clay’s favorite Hot Pineapple Salad?

It is a dish that my family loves!

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7 thoughts on “Cooking With Clay Aiken

  1. Watched this show and loved everything about it – including the recipe for the “Hot Pineapple Salad”! I make it often and always for the holidays, too!

    I thought it was so nice of Clay to tweet about the book that Jaymes Foster and Teri Diamond had for sale quite a few years ago. It is back out there again – I have a copy of the book and love it. The recipe is in the book on Clay’s page along with some family holiday info. The proceeds go for people suffering from hunger. Hope they sell many copies. It is a beautiful book!

    Thanks again CANN for the wonderful videos and photos – Clay really loved his Granny!

    • I remember you often made Clays Granny’s Hot Pineapple Salad, it would be too sweet for me. Nice to occasionally here about you from Jan. Lots of Love, Margaret

  2. Seeing Clay and his grandmother together is priceless! The interview was conflicting with Martha interrupting Clay throughout! Nevertheless, it was enjoyable! Thank you, CANN!
    Have a great Sunday, all!

  3. I haven’t had the Hot Pineapple Salad but I’ve heard so many good things about it from my Clay friends in the USA. Thanks for the videos, I hadn’t seen them before.

  4. Thank you for the pictures and video. I did watch the show when it was live. I have not tried the pineapple recipe.

  5. I wached thiss martha show when clay and his grandmother were on it I haven't gotten a chance to try the hot pineapple salad

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