Clay Aiken – Oh!! What Fun!

Did you listen to Clay on his new podcast on Thursday?

It was a great discussion.  The topic was mainly about Coronavirus and how it is being handled.  Of course, everyone didn’t always agree, but Clay was there to keep everything under control.  

It is not too late to hear the discussion.  You can click HERE

I found a file of great pictures  and a great video from the Timeless Tour.

 I thought I might share a few with you!

I bet you are smiling now!


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Oh!! What Fun!

  1. Yes I am smiling – pretty hard not to when Clay is in the picture! But Ruben and Clay together makes it twice as good! The photos are all fabulous and the video perfection. You help to make these crazy days a lot brighter.

    Thank you so very much!

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the video. The video made me smile. I did listen to the podcast. Clay did a great job as host. It must be different without a live audience.Each podcast gets to be a little crazy with all the different things that are happening in the world today. Your made my day brighter. Thank you again.

  3. Clay & Ruben seemed to enjoy that concert as much as the audience. They play well off of each other. Only good friends can make that work. I did love seeing the Timeless tour many years ago. I'll listen to the podcast tomorrow when I have more time. I've enjoy all the others over the past few weeks.

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