Clay Aiken – Saturday Smiles And Fun News

Get out your calendar and circle April 9th.  On Friday, the Pittsburgh CLO posted the following exciting information which includes news about Clay:

Starting next week, we’ll be going live on our Facebook page with CLOse Ups – two new chat shows with celebrity guests, CLO alum and more!

On Tuesdays at 3pm ET CLOse Ups will stream SPARK the Conversation, hosted by Olivia O’Connor, our Manager of New Works. Then on Thursdays at 5pm ET is Cocktails & Conversation with our Producing Director, Mark Fleischer. Jump online with us and be a part of the fun as we give you a behind the scenes look at all we do at CLO!

Next week, our special guests include Clay Aiken and local favorite Lara Hayhurst for Cocktails & Conversation, and writers of the world premiere musical UP AND AWAY, Kevin Hammonds & Kristin Bair on SPARK the Conversation!

Listening to CLO (Civic Light Opera) discussing musicals will be very interesting.  Do you remember that Clay was the star of their performance of Grease last year?  That was so much fun.

Sometimes there are just days where smiles are important.

 I have a good recipe right here…guaranteed to make that smile come alive!


Both of these videos are some of the best!!!

Are you smiling???

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Saturday Smiles And Fun News

  1. Yes, I am smiling. This has made my day. Thank you for the pictures and the videos. I never saw the first video before about the chop sticks. It made me laugh and smile. The second video is great. It shown how Clay can make everyone have a great day. Thank you for the info about Pittsburgh CLO. Now my days will be filled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.Thank you again.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, I am smiling! How wonderful to see these videos once again. Please provide them for us more often, especially at this time of gloom and doom. They are happy memories for us. <3

  3. So funny and yes so thrilling – that describes Clay to a T! Enjoyed both of the videos and they made me smile. Necessary on these days not knowing what will happen next. You help so much with these articles, photos and videos.

    Definitely great to keep our hope up – thank you!

  4. I remember watching Clay trying to use chopsticks at that restaurant. So funny! But I'd probably do the same. Looking forward to watching Clay on 4/9/20 on CLOse Ups. How exciting!

  5. Smiling?? Are you kidding me?/ Of course I love this clip of Clay. So real, and so cute… We do need these right now and Thank you Clay and CANN. HUGS

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