Clay Aiken – A Man Of Many Talents

Did you have a chance to hear Clay Aiken on his podcast on Thursday?  Called “How The Heck Are we Gonna Get Along?”, the discussion was especially good this week.

Clay did an excellent job of keeping the conversation going.  The two people who joined him are both known as some of the top political podcasters.  Both John Fugelsang and Tim Black listened to each other, discussed without arguing and made it easy and enjoyable to listen.  Politicon certainly had 3 three amazing men.  I hope it will be much the same way next week.

I do hope you will listen and leave a tweet to Clay and Politicon.  I am sure they would appreciate your support.

I am adding a wonderful video to CANN today.  It has little in common with what is above the red line.  But…it is wonderful.

SueReu put together a set of videos about Clay.  I thought it would be

fun to see Part 5 –

A Video compilation of Broadway Cares and Clay Aiken’s Spamalot run.

Sue’s videos are alway wonderful and fun to see.

Yes….Clay is a man of many talents!





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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Man Of Many Talents

  1. Oh! That was a most grand video and Sue is amazing – but Clay is truly fantastic! He can do just about anything and do it so well! That was fun – thank you once again for us being able to smile and even LOL!!! We all need that right now!

    Wishing ALL a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for the pictures and video. I love the video. SueRen did a great job on the video. Clay can do anything and ever thing . I will try again to listen to the podcast again. Yesterday was not a great day for internet coverage. Thank you again.

  3. Just what we need…some singing, some dancing and some silliness from Clay (Sir Robin) at this time of covid-19. I wish everyone could have seen Clay on Broadway in Spamalot. Good times.

  4. What wonderful memories, I LOVED visiting NY and seeing him perform! He truly is a man of many talents! Thank you for sharing!

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