Clay Aiken – It’s Sunday with A Smile

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.
~Andy Warhol


It was late on Saturday…conversations were slowing down and…wait…what did Clay Aiken just post on his Instagram Account?  What a nice surprise!

This is a great picture of Clay Aiken and his friend, Thayne Jasperson.

Thayne is part of the original Broadway cast of Hamilton.  He is excellent on stage and has performed almost all of the roles in the show.  But…Broadway has been closed so it seems Thayne has had a long vacation.

Thank you, Clay, for posting such a nice photo.  Most of your fans have been waiting anxiously to hear from you. Your relaxed picture made so many people happy and love you just a bit more!


The picture made me think about how many pictures have been taken of Clay. I can’t even imagine.

Looking through the files, I found some pictures  from a photo shoot.  The pictures were taken by Hayley Young .  

Hayley lives in Seattle Washington. Her website says:

Hayley Young began working as Staff Photographer for Seattle Magazine and Seattle Business Magazine in 2009. In the years since, she has personally photographed over 2000 people and places across Washington State. Her work has been published nationally as well, taking assignments for The Guardian, Washington Post, Fast Company, OUT Magazine and The Sunday Times (UK)…In 2020, Young accepted her new role as Executive Producer of Curator Pictures.

The following pictures from Ms Young are fun to see. 

Hayley Young said:

Photographs, if successfully executed, have the power to engage fans and those who may become fans, far beyond the listening experience.  The right photo can spark a reader’s interest to learn more about you and your music.

So…pictures about 10 years apart. Which do you like the most?  Tell us how you feel about the pictures (More than just the hair).  

And…Remember:  It’s Sunday with A Smile!


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Sunday with A Smile

  1. Thank you for posted all the pictures of Clay. It made my day special. I like the current picture of Clay. It show he is alive. happy and relaxed in North Carolina and not raining. The only thing I can say about his hair, is that I like it. The other pictures are beautiful. If only he was singing. The podcast from last week was the best one yet. Can not wait for the next one. Ms Young has great pictures. Thank you again.

  2. When I checked my Instagram yesterday- "Lo and Behold" there's a picture of Clay and Thayne posing for a picture! This brought a big smile on my face! Love all the pictures from Hayley Young! Clay could have had a career as a Supermodel, too! He never takes a bad picture!

  3. Love all the pictures, how about the long hair. Clay knows how to pose. I listen to the podcast every week. I always love to hear Clay talk. he is very good, he can do anything, he is so talented. I do wish he would sing again. Thanks for the pictures.

  4. wow apicture of clay telling me hes alive and well and theres also apicture of thayne im so glad clay is alive and well and in north carolinia

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