Clay Aiken – He Sings…He Acts…He Makes Us Laugh!


The Year: … 1923 The Song: … Who’s Sorry Now? The composers: … Ted Snyder, Bert Kalmer and Harry Ruby. This song was originally recorded by Isham Jones & his Orchestra in 1923.

I bet these talented men never envisioned their project sung in so many different styles as it was on the Tried & True Tour. Clay Aiken is a genius for thinking of this funny section of his concert.

Who’s Sorry Now? was featured in the film, A Night in Casablanca. This 1946 movie starred The Marx Brothers. The song has been recorded many times. The most famous recording was by Connie Francis¬†in 1958. Other artists who have recorded the song include Ella Fitzgerald, Marie Osmond, Harry Connick, Jr. and, of course, Clay Aiken.

The following video shows some different styles of Who’s Sorry Now. A big thank you to Clay and all the band members and a huge Hug and Thank you to the fans who shared their pictures and the ¬†video with us!

Did you see Clay and Quiana sing this song on tour?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Sings…He Acts…He Makes Us Laugh!

  1. Leave it to Clay to think up something so funny. I saw this tour at a Cleveland concert.
    The OPERA done at the very last of the video was at Cleveland and everyone really loved this part of the show. Clay and Quiana both were great.

    Thank you for the funny video and the pics!

  2. Thank you for all the pictures and the video. I did see Clay and Quiana on this tour. It is very funny. Every time I hear the title of the song, Who,s Sorry Now I think of the way Clay and Quiana sang this song.Thank you to all the fans who help with this video. Thank you to CANN for showing the video.

  3. Our multi-talented Clay at his best! Thank you CANN for the pictures and the video! This brighten up my morning!

  4. I lived in Phila. when Connie Francis came out with this song. It was played on every radio station every day. I could hardly stand to listen to it. Clay & Quiana have made me appreciate Who's Sorry Now by performing it in its many different styles. Saw the opera version in Cleveland.

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