Clay Aiken – Waiting…Waiting…Waiting!!!

As we wait to hear from Clay Aiken, I look back at some of the fun things he has done.  The public enjoyed his performances and I hope that Clay enjoyed them too.

BUT…let’s have some fun. Could Clay have signed up to do one of these events? 

1.  Clay is the new moderator of Face The Nation.

2.  Clay is headed out for a year-long World JukeBox Tour!

3.  Forget about ABC’s Late Night Show. Clay is taking over for Jimmy Kimmel.

4.  Clay is preparing to be a contestant on the next season of Dancing With The Stars

5.  Clay is joining the 0n-camera staff of Good Morning America 

6.  Clay becomes a weekly guest on Saturday Night Live.

All joking aside, I think Clay would be great doing any the those things.

If you have some fun ideas, let us know by clicking on the comments button at CANN!  And, yes…remember this is all in fun!


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  1. Love all the pictures! Clay is so multi-talented! I wish he would do a live video of himself and tell us how is doing.

    Hope you had a great birthday and your birthday wish came true!

  2. Maybe Clay could send a video of him working on his home. He said he is doing lots of 'stuff' himself and learning as he goes along. Trial and error.

  3. I love #2! Can you imagine the excitement if a year-long Jukebox Tour were announced??!! He could even raise money for NIP if he would just sing a couple of songs for us for donations. Listening to his voice on the podcast is just not the same as the wonderful calming effect of his singing which is so needed during these crazy times. I really miss him!

  4. Clay has several voices would be great for him to be on SNL weekly. I agree he should do a world tour of the JBT. Clays greatest strength is his voice. If you don't use it you lose it.

  5. i alsoloved is indeemultitalented with hiis singing and acting mabee someday clay could send a video off him singing and working on his home I really missclay

  6. Thank you for all the pictures. I did not know it was your birthday. I hope you had a great birthday. Now back to Clay. I would like for him to sing. Maybe new songs. Maybe he should issue a video of himself to tell us how he is doing, May be he should issue a video on what he would like to do for us.May be some thing special for NIP. Thank you CANN.

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