Clay Aiken – It’s In The Way

It’s in the way that you move me, and the way that you tease me,
The way that I want you tonight,
It’s in the way that you hold me, and the way that you know me,
When I can’t find the right words to say,
You feel it in the way, you feel it in the way.

I love The Way!

I know its been about 17 years since we heard the song for the first time, but I still enjoy hearing Clay sing the song!


On January 21, 2004, Clay was a guest on The Tonight Show…do you remember:

· enthusiastic fans · panties thrown on the stage · fans “doing it” to his videos · Guest 2 on his water cup on the show · Getting special treatment at the DMV in Raleigh        · Losing his wallet and Jay showed the audience the old Driver’s license. · Being afraid of bath water · Winning the poll in Glamour Magazine as top celebrity to take a bath with…top three also included George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Now…Don’t You Feel just A Bit Better?


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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s In The Way

  1. Absolutely – love all of the photos. I remember watching the show that night and, as always, taping it. Clay always makes me smile!

  2. Clay looked handsome in that shirt & suit on the Tonight Show so long ago. I remember the magazine with the 'who do you want to take a bath with' article. Clay must have been so embarrassed, but it's fun to have a laugh over it.

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