Clay Aiken – Music and Skating Combined!

Do you remember what Clay Aiken was doing on November 6, 2007?  Well, he was at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas as the exclusive musical guest on the Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice.  The show was taped on November 6th and it aired on NBC on Christmas Day.

The arena was filled with fans of Clay Aiken.  They flew into Las Vegas from all over the United States to see Clay perform.  A large group of fans sat together in the front area and  other fans were scattered throughout the arena.

Clay performed the following songs with the skaters:

Clay & Cast: Christmas Waltz
Clay & Shae-Lynn Bourne: Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day
Clay & Todd Eldredge: All is Well
Clay & Sasha Cohen: The Christmas Song
Clay & Phillipe Candelero: Sleigh Ride
Clay & Jenny Meno and Todd Sands: Merry Christmas With Love
Clay & Sasha Cohen: Winter Wonderland
Clay & Cast/Couples: What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

At the end of the show, Clay put on some skates and joined the professional skaters as the circled the rink to say good-night to the audience.  Clay looked like he was having a great time.

Headline skater, Sasha Cohen said:

Having the chance to meet and work with Aiken was a pleasure, she said. “He was very sweet and genuine,” Cohen said. “He really wanted to skate, so we put him on skates and gave him a lesson. He caught on pretty fast for a southern guy (he’s from Raleigh, N.C.).”

I enjoyed reading the article about the event from Comcast:


LAS VEGAS, N.V. — What better way to celebrate the winter holiday season than with cool music, Clay Aiken and world-class ice skating?

The Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice, set for Nov. 6 at The Orleans in Las Vegas, will be a star-studded evening to remember. The show will be a live taping for a Christmas Day TV broadcast on NBC. Tickets for the show will go on sale in July.

Tapped as the exclusive musical guest for the Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice, singing sensation Clay Aiken will lend his powerful voice to some of the most loved and classic holiday songs of all time. Since 2003, Clay Aiken has garnered a number of different titles. Multi-platinum recording artist, television personality, Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF (visiting children in war torn Afghanistan, Uganda and tsunami stricken Indonesia), best selling author & advocate for individuals with disabilities through his Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

Headlining the event on the ice is the ever-elegant Sasha Cohen, a U.S. skating champion and the 2006 Olympic silver medalist. Cohen’s skating is a treat in itself, with her mesmerizing style and grace.

I was lucky enough to be at this event and it was a great combination of wonderful music and exciting skating.  Did you see this event live?

It’s always fun to hear Clay play the piano!!!!!

I do realize that it is early for Christmas music….but the skating was done on November 6th so we will follow their lead.


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Music and Skating Combined!

  1. I have this Christmas special saved along with his other Christmas Joyful Noise and NACT tours. Traditionally, I watched them every Christmas season. Thank you, CANN, as always for sharing Clay memories! TGIF!

  2. Thank you for all the pictures and the 2 videos. I remember see this special on TV. I like the second video of Clay playing the piano. It is never to early to hear Clay singing a Christmas song. Thank you CANN.

  3. What fun to see Clay on the ice with Sasha Cohen! I'm happy for you that you were in the audience for this Holiday on Ice taping. Clay & Sasha seemed so comfortable with each other. For a few minutes I forgot that we are in the midst of this political 'stuff' and things with normalized again soon.

  4. I love Clay and I love watching the skaters! I was there to see it LIVE and had a wonderful time! We also were able to get autographs from many of the skaters. Thanks so much for the memories of this occasion.

  5. I didn’t get to see this show in person – but watched on TV. It was very exciting and fun. Clay did amazing as he always does. It was very beautiful and I did tape it and watch during the holiday season. Clay’s songs were great and he did look like it was fun. Hard to believe it was so long ago!

    Thank you for the report, pics, and videos – so beautiful!

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