Clay Aiken – A Perfect Way To Start A Beautiful Concert

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Have you ever heard of the songwriting team of Francis Lai and Carl Sigman? These two talented men wrote the beautiful song, Where Do I Begin from the movie, Love Story. Both men have written many songs and are famous for beautiful movie music.

Francis Lai was born in April of 1932, in France.  This wonderful musician has written the music for more than 100 films and composed over 600 songs. He is most famous for composing the music to A Man and a Woman (1966), Love Story (1970), Stranger Than Fiction (2006), and Ocean’s Thirteen (2007).

In 1970 Francis Lai won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for Best music, Original Score for the film Love Story.

Carl Sigman was a lyricist who collaborated with many composers, but is known the most for his work with Big Bands and their leaders, including Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, and Guy Lombardo.

Some of Sigman’s best-known songs are Pennsylvania 6-5000, Ebb Tide, and Where Do I Begin.

Carl, who was born in Brooklyn in 1909, passed away in September of 2000.

During February and March of 2011, Clay Aiken traveled the US on his Tried & True Tour. He surprised the audiences by starting each concert behind the curtain, singing the theme song from Love Story – Where Do I Begin. It was a perfect way to start a beautiful concert.

Interesting fact: 

The song was first introduced as an instrumental theme. 

The lyrics were added after the theme music became popular.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful YouTube of Where Do I Begin


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Perfect Way To Start A Beautiful Concert

  1. Beautiful! I attended this concert in Cleveland and we had 3rd row seats on the right aisle.
    It was plain amazing! One of my daughters had a M&G before the show – it was a great time as both of my daughters were there with me! It was an exciting day! Thanks for the memories!

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the video. The song, music and words are beautiful. Clays voice makes it perfect. Thank you for sharing. Thank you CANN.

  3. I saw Clay in this concert in Cleveland. Got a couple of good photos that day. Clay does a beautiful rendition of this beautiful song. Thanks.

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