Did you watch American Idol on Sunday Night? Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard sang at the end of the show…and they were soooo great!!!

AND….On Monday, news sources of Clay and Ruben were everywhere. There have been lots of pictures and articles about their performance! Yes!! They really sang with beauty!

I thought you might enjoy watching the performance of Clay and Ruben. American Idol put it on the TV!

I’ll try and get some more information about Clay and Ruben on Sunday night.

I am glad we have lots of things to prove that Clay and Ruben are wonderful singers!

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3 thoughts on “20 YEARS OF BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!

  1. Ruben and Clay were so spectacular in their voices and their looks – truly bright stars!!! They are never on long enough for me. Thank you for the video here – I had a chance to share it on FB last night so I can watch it whenever I want and as many times! They just looked and sounded so great. I think I already said that!!!!

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the video. The pictures and the are beautiful. Ruben and Clay look and sound great after 20 years. I believe they are better now then 2003. I did watch AI on Sunday. I wish they were on longer, to do another song together. Thank you CANN.

  3. I had recorded AI the previous evening and saw that Clay & Ruben were going to appear on Sunday. I deleted that recording, and forgot to program for the next evening. Boo Hoo! Thank you for posting it here. They sang that song on their tour which I saw earlier this month. Beautiful!

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