Clay Aiken – The Automatic Coin-Operated Phonograph

It is the beginning of a new week…so much seems to be happening for Clay Aiken and I hope we hear more from him soon so that we can really know what he plans to do in the near future.

Just a bit of a reminder to all of you…I cannot re-print Clay’s blog here.  It is against the rules for the Official Fan Club.  I bring this up as I have received many requests to post Clay’s blog here.  So…we can talk about it, discuss it, be happy or sad… but until Clay says it can go public or it is put on the public side of the OFC, you will not find it here.

Of course, as soon as I have news about Clay’s future projects, I will post it immediately.  Please check back to get the news!

I am getting very excited for the National Inclusion Project’s 10th Annual Champions  Gala.  This year it will be hosted by Clay Aiken and will honor Champions of Inclusion who work to ensure no one sits on the sidelines.

Something very special will be auctioned off this year at the Gala…Clay is putting the Jukebox from The Jukebox Tour up for auction.  He said that it has been sitting in his house and is in excellent condition.  Do you have room for a beautiful addition to your entertainment room?  Wow…that would be so much fun!  I hope that this classic piece raises lots of money for the National Inclusion Project.

I found some fun facts about Jukeboxes:

1.  Manufacturers did not call them “jukeboxes”, they called them Automatic Coin-Operated Phonographs

2.  How much do they cost?  It all depends on the condition, model, rarity and age and an agreeable seller and buyer. They can be as inexpensive as $100 to over $30,000.

3.  No one is really sure how many Jukeboxes have been made.  A guesstimate is about 2 Million.

So, according to The inComplete Jukebox:

A Jukebox… has the ability to entertain through sight, sound and feel.

The following are a few of my favorite memories of The Jukebox Tour:

Which of these pictures is your favorite?


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