Clay Aiken – Live From The Gala!

Friday was a fantastic “Music Day” for me.  I ended up listening to some of my favorite songs and some new songs I had never heard before…and it’s all because of The National Inclusion Project and Clay Aiken!

On Friday, The National Inclusion Project posted some information about a wonderful opportunity to choose a song for Clay to sing and raise some funds for the Project too!

On their website, they said:

Can’t attend the National Inclusion Project’s Champions Gala, but want to see Clay Aiken perform one of your favorite songs LIVE?  

Attending the Gala and want to help choose what Clay sings?


YOU can help choose the one song that we’ll stream live on Facebook during Clay’s performance at the Champions Gala on October 28th!

All you have to do is submit, vote & watch!

The “vote for a Song” has 3 easy steps.

  1.  From September 22-28, submit the song that you’d love to see streamed live to your computer/phone. We’ll choose the top five requested songs and you can vote with a donation for your favorite to be streamed live! You can submit as many songs as you’d like (just don’t submit same song multiple times, please). If you submit a song, you’ll receive email updates on this contest & the National Inclusion Project.  SUBMIT A SONG HERE
  2. From Oct 2-11, everyone, including YOU, gets to vote ($1 = 1 vote) for one of the top five requested songs. Vote early and vote often and tell everyone else to vote, too! All money raised goes to the National Inclusion Project to ensure children with and without disabilities can play, learn and laugh TOGETHER.               (There is a $10 minimum to vote. Link to voting site will be located on this page when live.)
  3. Lastly, don’t forget to watch the National Inclusion Project’s Facebook page on Oct 28th to see what could be YOUR favorite song streamed live from the Champions Gala!

What a fun way to raise money for The National Inclusion Project!

So…on Friday, I listened to songs…did I want a Broadway song or a song from one of Clay’s albums?  Wait…maybe I wanted a song that was popular when I was in high school…or maybe a song that is popular today. What to do!!  Well, I submitted more than one song and I may submit another today as I listen to more songs.

This project is for everyone.  Some people will be at the Gala and will see Clay on the stage, but some are not able to attend and they still can participate by voting for a song.  I hope that each of you will participate in this fun and important project.

I am very proud to support The National Inclusion Project.  It has been a joy to watch the organization grow for 14 years. It has established itself as one of the leading voices in the field of inclusion and works with many distinguished youth organizations.

The National Inclusion Project has worked with hundreds of programs, trained numerous staff members and leaders, and provided inclusive opportunities for over 50,000 children.   All of this in 14 years!

Gala Pictures from the past!

The following video is one of my favorite songs from the 2010 Gala!

Have you picked your song yet?


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