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Clay Aiken – Joy And Peace Be With You Through The Year


 John Rutter is one of England’s best-known composers of the late 20th century, as well as a widely respected choral conductor and music scholar and editor.

While his choral works (including the Te Deum, Magnificat, and Requiem) are the most familiar, he has also written instrumental works, including a piano concerto, the Suite Antique for flute, harpsichord, and strings, and two children’s operas.


In 2012, I was introduced to a beautiful Christmas carol.

I quickly put it on my holiday Playlist.

~ I Wish You Christmas ~

I immediately thought that it was a perfect song for Clay Aiken.

 I would love to hear him sing this beautiful song.


Read the touching lyrics, enjoy the artwork, and

listen to the carol…and imagine Clay singing this beautiful song.

I wish you starlight on fields of snow,
The winter’s morning light and evening’s glow;
I wish you candles that shine from every tree,
So all the world can see
The light that there could be.

I wish you music, I wish you song,
With voices echoing, Joyous and strong;
I wish you church bells, ringing true and clear;
I wish you Christmas, a merry Christmas,
A merry Christmas to remember all the year.

Old friends smiling,
Thinking of times gone by;
Young friends laughing:
Christmas is here,
Spirits are bright,
And hopes are high.

I wish you loved ones around your fire;
May Christmas bring you all your heart’s desire.
I wish you children to make the season new,
With dreams you help come true,
Just like it was for you.

I wish you blessings, I wish you love,
The sound of angel choirs from high above,
I wish you laughter, happiness and cheer
I wish you Christmas, a merry Christmas,
And may its joy and peace be with you through the year.

I wish you music, I wish you song;
I wish you harmony your whole life long
The warmth of memories that long remain
I wish you Christmas, a merry Christmas,

And may God bless you till we all shall meet again.

I seldom post music by anyone but Clay Aiken at this site.


If you haven’t heard this beautiful carol, you can listen here.

 Clay Aiken… 

Do you Know this song?


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