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Clay Aiken – Listen To Both Sides


Did you see Clay on Bold, Friday morning?  The show moved quickly and although there was a bit of tension with different political opinions, the show was interesting.


The topic of the day was advertised as: “Can Trump Unify America ?”  But….the conversation never really got to that topic. Yes…there was conversation about Trump from both sides, and it was an interesting discussion, but…Unify?  The poll on their Facebook overwhelmingly said that Trump would not unify America.


Jeremy Binckes and Oz Sultan were guests of the show on Friday.  They were both intelligent young men who both were passionate about their politics.  It was interesting to hear both sides of politics!


My favorite segment of the show was about the new app that helps people learn American Sign Language.  I hope that it will help families and friends in the deaf community.

Did you watch the show?


When was the last time you watched Clay’s Official Video of


What an exciting video!!


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