Clay Aiken – Some Amazing Pictures

Yes…the following pictures are from the Champions Gala for The National Inclusion Project in 2018. But…special because if was their 15th Anniversary Celebration.

I thought you might want to see some amazing pictures of the week-end.

So…I picked a few from Saturday night that I though you would enjoy.

 The info is under each picture and I hope you enjoy them all!

Dress Rehearsal -Making sure everything will be OK!
Back stage working to make sound, lighting, curtains, etc. all work!
Clay is talking about the Honorees
Watching the audience!
Clay makes us all smile…Diane just had to laugh!
Even the band takes a selfie!
Each member of the band was so talented!
The view from the balcony!
Clay and Ethel – What fun!!
Nobody sings like Clay!!
So beautiful!! Same shirt, pants and shoes…do you remember the pink shoelaces??

 There are some really great pictures and I hope you enjoy them.

I hope you have a wonderful day and CANN would love to have some comments.

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