Clay Aiken – Do You Know Mo’ Kelly?

It seems that Clay Aiken does know Mo’ Kelly….The question is….do you know Mo’ Kelly.

According to his page:

Morris W. O’Kelly (Mo’Kelly) is a radio and television commentator specializing in politics and current affairs.  Presently, he is heard weekends as host of the 3-time award-winning “The Mo’Kelly Show” on the #1 news/talk station in America, KFI AM640 in Los Angeles and iHeartRadio.  Additionally, he is a featured commentator regarding American affairs for BBC Radio internationally…

But wait….Why do we care…..Well, on Saturday evening, Clay was a guest on “The Mo’Kelly Show” on KFI and IHeart Podcast.

Mo’ and Clay met at Politicon and finally had a time to share a conversation so that all of us could hear.

Clay was on the last 30 minutes of the show.  The following is some of what Clay said:

  1.  Clay said most of his family is on the other side of the aisle
  2. He doesn’t watch the news but does read the Washington Post and NY Times  as papers he reads. 
  3. People can find common ground but they have to be willing to do so.

….And much more.  Did you hear the show? It was one of the best interviews Clay has had for a long time. If you missed it, you  can hear it at the following link.

Mo’ did start one of the sections with a recording of Clay singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, so, it seem that we should do the same.  The following is Clay singing one of my favorite songs.

I hope you all will listen to the program from Saturday night.  To me, it was excellent.


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