Clay Aiken – Be Bold!

Have you ever heard of a website called Bold?  I learned about it on Thursday through Twitter and…Clay Aiken! 

Carrie Sheffield launched Bold in December, 2015. According to Tom Kludt at CNN-Money, Carrie wants Bold to bridge the gap between “traditional, white America” and “diverse communities.”

According to Kludt:

Sheffield wants Bold to appeal to women, millennials, African-Americans, Latinos and members of the LGBT community — groups that Republicans and conservatives have struggled to reach in recent years.

Whatever your political leaning, I hope you will visit Bold. It has many articles about many different topics.  Give it a look. If you would like to visit the site, click on BOLD

So….why Bold?  The first thing I saw on Thursday morning was a tweet from Clay Aiken:

Hanging with today check us out on

This was followed by a tweet from Carrie:

Great convo this am w/ crew! Thanks 4 the look

If you watched Clay when he was on  Al Jazeera America, you might remember Carrie who was on the same panel with Clay.

I have no knowledge when this conversation will be shown on Bold, but the site has their own YouTube channel so I assume that we will see it on the site soon.  I am sure that Clay and Carrie will let us know when and if we will see it!


And….Clay was not over with his tweets for Thursday.  There were two more posts.  I liked the following one because I have been on the London Underground many times and it is amazingly wonderful!

After a week on the London Underground, entering the subway makes me depressed

Remember to “Mind The Gap”

Thank you Clay for all the fun tweets all week!

It’s amazing how just those simple tweets make so many happy.  

It’s worth every minute!

Let’s hope we hear about the conversation on Bold ….


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