Clay Aiken – Happy Friday Everyone!

Forget the week…and look forward to the up-coming Week-end.  

Have  a great time!


On Thursday morning, I got my cup of coffee, sat down, and listened to Clay Aiken as he led the topics in the Podcast below!

The weekly podcast was named – Five Dollar Words.

The three guests on Thursday were Ben Domench, Elie Mystal, and Henry Olsen.  And…Clay was the Host.

And no…he is not a fool! (see above)

The main topics chosen for Thursday were Trump’s Re-election chances, National Monuments, and Bill Barr’s justice department.  The conversation was full of different ideas, but everyone listened and they all were polite and let everyone state their feelings.  A big Thank You to Clay for keeping the group together…and there was no Yelling!


In the afternoon, Clay posted an Instagram Story.  He had a lot to say about Police unions and the rules and regulations.  It is 4 pages long and filled with information.

Instagram seems to be a social media site that Clay uses a lot.  It is very difficult to get pictures from Instagram.  I would suggest that you sign up on Instagram with your phone.  I think you will enjoy seeing what Clay adds to this site…

The following was on Clays Instagram on Thursday.


Meghan McCain posted an Instagram about(to) Clay on Thursday.


I wish you could see the pictures and messages better.  Again, I hope you get on Instagram…if you have a cell phone.  It really is easy to use , it’s free, and you won’t miss out on what is going on!


It’s been a difficult week…so…let’s have a great song from Clay Aiken.  His singing always makes me feel better.

Now….don’t you feel better?



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