Clay Aiken – “An Incredible Friend”

It is always nice when the name Clay Aiken is on Social media and TV.  On Wednesday, Clay’s name was on many different places!

It all started with a story on The View.  The panel was chatting about good friends.  Meghan McCain let all of us know that Clay Aiken is an incredible friend.

It was such a nice mention that The View posted it on twitter and included a video.

TALKING TRUE FRIENDS: shares how has been “such an incredible friend” to her for so long — and what he did for her recently that meant a lot to her. ❤️

It is always nice to hear about good friends and it certainly isn’t surprising that Clay Aiken is a good friend!

I did take the time to re-tweet the message from The View.

 I wanted them to know that Clay Aiken has lots of fans who respect him!

Did you retweet too?  Retweet this


A lovely lady just sent me some pictures of Clay.  I’ve had fun labeling them and seeing some pictures I have not seen before.  The following pictures are fun!

Thank you, Jerrilyn, for the pictures!!

How fun!

I look forward to seeing more new pictures of Clay!!




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