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Clay Aiken – Positive Mentions!


It is always fun when you find news articles that have positive mentions about Clay Aiken. On Tuesday, March 5th, there were two different articles that featured Clay.  One was about the beginning of Clay’s career and the other about an event that took place in 2012.

The website, Hollywire, posted an article about Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice.  The interesting article is titled Trumping Trump: Why NBC May Fi-yah “The Apprentice” Series.

The article lists five reasons that Celebrity Apprentice might not return.  All five reasons are logical, but I really enjoyed reason #4.

4. It’s (Allegedly) Rigged

All the cast members reportedly picked Clay Aiken to win last season, yet Arsenio Hall was crowned champion. It was then revealed that Donald was helping Arsenio land another talk show. When Joan Rivers won in 2009 and immediately landed a TV show called How’d You Get So Rich?, it was revealed that the executive producer for Celebrity Apprentice was also producing that show. It’s clear that the show is less about who does the best job and more about who Donald wants to win. Case in point: firing Bret Michaels on the first episode of this season because he “has already won the show before.” Really?

It is always great to realize that most people know who the real winner was last year on Celebrity Apprentice.  All of the reasons are great so be sure and visit the site and read them all.  Also, to the right of the article is a place to vote about the show.  I voted…its so easy!  AND…leave a comment.  They are always important!  To read the entire article click on HOLLYWIRE


The website, BuzzFeed, published a slideshow about the Rolling Stone covers that represented the 2003 pop/rock year.  It was fun to see that Clay Aiken’s cover was ranked #7.

15 “Rolling Stone” Covers That Immortalized 2003 In Pop Culture

Looking back at 10 years ago, to what really mattered to us then.

by Brian Galindo

The comment for the picture says:

…Clay Aiken had a bright future ahead of him.

It was nice to see that Ruben was included in the list too.  As #10, Ruben’s comment said:

Ruben Studdard was your new “American Idol”.

Click on BUZZ to visit this site and see all fifteen of the influential covers.

I thought it would be fun to go back and see some of the pictures that were taken at the photo shoot for Rolling Stone.

What do you think?  

Was Hollywire correct about Celebrity Apprentice?

Which Picture is Your Favorite?

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