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What a week!  There is so much going on here.  I am so glad it is Friday!!

First….I was picked to be on jury duty for a criminal court.  I have been there each day this week and hopefully we will be finished on Friday!  

The days are long and it is rather sad so the week has been”Crazy”

AND…that’s not all.  The site that houses CANN went down last night.  We could not use it for almost 24 hours.  Thankfully , our wonderful computer expert, Deona, was able to get it back up.  However, they have changed almost everything about how to put the blog together.  Hopefully, I will get used to it soon.  If you see something weird…know that I am giving it a good try.  

SO…today…lets celebrate Clay with some nice pictures.


Do you know the place or reason these each pictures were taken?

I hope you like these pictures.

I hope that you will let me know if you are getting the blog.  I will try hard this week-end to feel at home.

Also…please let your friends and fans know that we are back.  I have appreciated your friendship and support for 10 years!

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