Clay Aiken – Tour #1

2003 -2019

16 years since Clay Aiken was on tour with American Idols of Season 2!

In August of 2003, Clay and the other Idols were on the tour to show off their performance qualities.  The tour had 41 performances and was sponsored by Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts.

I loved the review from the L.A. Times:

(Aiken was) clearly the star attraction…it was Aiken who turned the Pond into the House of Clay. While his colleagues strained to show off their talents, Aiken eased through his numbers with effortless poise and charisma…

On Wednesday, I came across the following video of Clay.  Titled, Superstar Clay Aiken Creates Chaos In Raleigh, the video shows the excitement in Raleigh as Clay returns home with the Season 2 Idols!.  It was put together by Clackattack5230.

How fun to go back 16 years and watch this fun video!!

Let me know if you liked the video!!

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