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It is Tuesday and as I start to write I realize that there are only a few more days until the new Celebrity Apprentice will be announced.  It is amazing how fast the weeks have past.    A big Thank you to Clay Aiken for making the show a success and entertaining so many people.

Late Monday, three new reviews of Celebrity Apprentice were published.  They are all well-written and worth a visit.

Each week, TVBlend writes a fun review of the show.  They are known for their Power Rankings of the Celebrities.  When the season first started, Clay was rated at the bottom of the list.  However,  each week, he moved up and for the last few weeks he has been #1.    This week??

#1) Clay Aiken (31): I was a little worried about Clay’s ability to bring in donations at the beginning of the task, but he seemed to come through, just in time to start micromanaging his players. The normally adept and calm leader really wants things to be perfect for his final challenge, and he seems to be putting a lot of energy and effort in. We’ll see how the final task pans out, but if there is one thing Clay really has going for him, it’s the drive to succeed, to persevere, to win at all costs. Second place does not seem to be an option.

Please visit the site and read the entire article.  You can read it at TVBLEND

Lily Sparks from,  wrote a review about the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  Titled, Skits and Giggles, the article is filled with some fun pictures.  Ms Sparks is certainly not a fan of Aubrey O’Day and is not afraid to let everyone know.  She wrote the following about Clay:

Debbie Gibson, wearing a confounding brooch, had promised her cousin nationwide mural-painting exposure (MURAL PAINTING! What a career. When was the last time you considered getting a mural done?) and no doubt a hefty check for coming in and painting Clay’s space. Clay, very reasonably, wanted to see a sketch before committing so much of the ambiance to a stranger…

… Which turned Debbie into a sobbing wreck and brought out words like “trust” and “move heaven and earth” that just DON’T belong in business.

…Clay was also beset with a shit-smelling park and Penn being just as frank as always about how terrible everyone else’s ideas were. Poor Clay. I am genuinely pulling for him, he’s been nothing but quick and smart and generous.

Be sure to visit this article.  Ms. Sparks is very creative.  You can see it at TVCOM


Recapper’s DelightAnd Then t There Were Two, Part 1: Aubrey Gets Fired AT LAST!

This blog, written by Claire Abraham is usually a detailed report of the show.  But this week, the blog is almost a fantasy and a fun read.  Be sure and visit the site and why not leave a comment for the author if you enjoyed her take of the show.  You can get to this blog by clicking on RECAPPER

Finally, there are some screen-caps from the show – Thank you, Cotton!


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