Clay Aiken – “Affable, Pleasant, and Charming”

I wonder what it is like to travel for almost 18 hours on a tour bus.  Google maps says the trip from Milwaukee to Beaver Creek, Colorado is 1,145 miles.  Now that’s  a long trip!  I hope they had some good movies on the bus!

Those who will be attending the Joyful Noise Concert starring Clay Aiken had better have warm jackets and snow boots.  The weather is not so nice.  According to weather forecast, there is a real snowstorm going on:

High: 24 to 28°F
Low: 08 to 12°F
Snow likely. Cloudy, with a high near 27.  SW wind around 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%.  New snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible.
Now, remember…I live in California!  That is cold to me.  But I bet it will be beautiful and the snow will make it seem very much like Christmas!
As the bus was making its way to Beaver Creek, the entertainment news sites were busy putting every spin they could imagine on an answer Clay gave in an interview.  It’s always fun to see Clay’s name in the news and I find it rather amusing to see that 98% of the articles are positive, but there are those who try to make a simple answer something more than it is.   When Clay makes a comment on American Idol, it is posted everywhere!   I guess if you want hits on your site, mention Clay Aiken.
The Huff Post – Gay Voices 
Clay Aiken: American Idol is About The Judges Now!
Clay Aiken has noticed a shift in American Idol.  Aiken, was the runner up in Season 2 of the Fox singing competition series said the show has shifted its attention in later season…
…For Season 12, “Idol” has brought in Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey to sit alongside Jackson. The show has made headlines due to the reported feuding between Minaj and Carey, an Australian network even made it the center of a promo for the new season.
Be sure and visit the site and read the entire article and leave a comment.  To reach the article click on GAYVOICES
The Phoenix New Times published an article about The Joyful Noise Tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona.
Phoenix New Times
Clay Aiken on Christmas, American Idol, and Donald Trump
by Jason P. Woodbury
At one point during our early morning interview, singer and performer Clay Aiken yawned.
It was a deep, expressive yawn. He did not ask to be excused, but he didn’t need to: Aiken is among the most affable, pleasant, and charming interviews I’ve ever enjoyed. Plus, the guy has every reason to be worn out. The former “American Idol” has been making his way across the nation on his “Joyful Noise 2012” tour, belting out selections and standards from his Christmas recordings, Merry Christmas with Love and All Is Well: Songs for Christmas. It’s a lot of work, and Aiken notes: “This is my fifth year doing it, and if we count all the times that I’ve done this show you’re up into the hundreds, you know?”…
Do you listen to music on the bus to wind down after shows?I haven’t listened to a thing lately. When I’m on tour, we’re on a bus, and we don’t listen to the radio. We put the TV on. We put reruns of The Closer on or something. I would be the worst person to ask about current musical trends….
This is a great article so be sure are visit the site and read the entire 2 page interview.  The hits are important for the site.  You can read the entire article at  PHOENIX

There are some wonderful photos from the Milwaukee Joyful Noise Concert.  A big thank you to all fans who share these great pictures with all of us!

 Do you have a favorite?

Be sure and check in later to get the top news on the Beaver Creek concert.

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